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How to pack a bike box

Tools Required
Set of Allen keys, pedal spanner. 

Step 1

  • Remove pedals, saddle and wheels.


Step 2

  • Loosen headset and remove stem from fork steerer to hang handlebars by side.

  • Most airlines will ask you to let the air out of your tyres, dropping the pressure down to about 20psi is adequate and provide some extra cushioning for your rims.

Step 3

  • Use the quick releases to tighten your wheels into the side of the bike case.

  • Protect the wheels with a sheet of high density foam.

  • Place the frame in the box and firmly strap down.


Step 4

  • We have provided a video below to guide you through packing your bike into a Bonza Bike box, but if you have any questions please contact us using the form below.

Video on packing a VeloVault2 box
What else to pack
Make sure to take basic tools, mini pump, nutrition, bottles, clothes, helmet and anything else you usually take on rides. You should find space in the bike box for some more items besides your bike.
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