Bike Box Alan Delivered To Your Door

Try our Bike Box Alan with the convenience of delivery to your door anywhere in the UK.

  • £5 per day (minimum 7 days)

  • Delivery and Collection £60

  • £10 off total price if hiring 2 boxes

  • Refundable £150 deposit

Bike Box Alan - Bike Box Details

    • Approx. weight 11.2 Kg

    • Dimensions: approx L 116cm x H 96cmx Width 36cm

    • One unique one piece steel anti crush pole

    • Silver clasps

    • Includes 2 layers of foam padding

    • Cushioned Black Velcro straps to secure your bike safely

    • Only takes 10- 20 minutes to pack

    • Custom Graphics available

    • You’re buying direct from the manufacturer

    • Fits 95% of all bikes, road bikes up to 65 cm (see technical page)

    • All handles bars need to be removed and tyres fully deflated

Read Cycling Weekly's review on the Bike Box Alan:

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